We are proud to announce that Holsterbro Sweden is the first company in Europe to bring TNEER Exhaust systems to the market. TNEER is a young company with many years in the industri and are now offering luxurious exhaust systems for sports cars. 


TNEER pursuits excellent quality and design with its' Sports Series Exhaust System. It overcomes the space-limit of the car by bending high-quality stainless steel pipes with a high-tech robotic pipe-bending machine instead of multi-welding. With this technology, these stainless steel pipes are compatible with the performance of the care and show excellent quality no matter in any kinds of environments such as snowing ground, dessert even on Circuit and cross-country race with its' durability and corrosion resistance ability.


TNEER also comes with an app that allows you to adjust the valves on the exhaust notes. 

Design and lightweight:  Exquisite workmanship of TNEER Hand Crafted Dry Carbon Fibre Tailpipes providing a stunning visual allure.Besides from beautifully designed, light-weighted and high-temperature-endurable Dry carbon material with high-tech CNC industrial technology make the composite material to a perfect combination and enhance the entire racing feeling of your loved car.


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